With so many types of filling machines today, why does the piston filling machine still hold so much sway? It’s based on old technology and is, in fact, one of the oldest types of fillers. But time has done little to diminish its value so if you’re looking for a reliable yet affordable filler, no other will serve as well. 1. Very affordable The attractiveness of piston fillers lies in the low cost. Unlike overflow and pump fillers which are newer and more sophisticated, piston models are uncomplicated machines and indeed, can even be operated manually if desired. This greatly drives down cost especially the manual variants. Since it’s a fact that automated fillers are more expensive, this proves to be a big advantage for startup and small businesses with smaller budgets and low volume production. 2. Very versatile There’s another benefit to using piston filling machine aside from cost. Where other fillers can only work with liquids of specific viscosity, piston models can handle both thin and thick products like juices, jams and jellies. The simple construction makes this possible. So, if you decide to deal in other liquid products in the future you may not need to invest in more expensive machines right away. You can continue using the same; just purchase one or two more and slowly include the use of others later. 3. Reliable Fewer working parts means fewer instances of break-downs. Machine repair can be expensive and the compromised productivity during the repair period even more so. As piston machines have very few parts the odds of a break-down are very low. If they do get damaged repair is fast and cheap.

With the advent of positive displacement fillers, piston filling machine models are seeing a slow phasing-out in many manufacturing facilities. However, there’s still a ways to go especially with manual fillers which are so important to small businesses. If you’ve recently set up a company and are looking for cost-effective and reliable fillers this piston model is the one to pick.