automatic filling machine 

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Automatic Filling Machine 2500ml


Product Description

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine can be used by industries in the Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Agricultural, Animal Care, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical fields.And it is an ideal device for low viscosity fluid and liquid filling.


Model GP5600
Nozzle no 4 6 8 10 12
Capacity(bottle/h) ≤1300 ≤1900 ≤2600 ≤3200 ≤4000
Power supply 220V/380W 50-60Hz
Compressor 0.5-0.8Mpa

automatic filling machine 

The machine is a volume type automatic liquid filling machine apply to food, medicine, pesticide, chemical and other industries, can also be used for filling products with the particle.such as lubricate oil, edible oil, liquid detergent, shampoo, tomato sauce, salad sauce, etc.

We have always listened carefully—and truly appreciate every comment anyone offers regarding our products and services. In particular, what we’ve heard about our Automatic Liquid Filling Machine—a lot of good stuff, but a few areas that we can do better—helped offer additional motivation. While we know many customers from many different industries enjoy the performance our different Automatic Liquid Filling Machine solutions, we wanted to take that performance to the next level.

We  have eliminated those pesky annoyances our users told us  about with several newly designed and nifty mechanisms.    We’ve also made it much easier to make routine adjustments  and perform routine maintenance. Operators will surely  appreciate our easy adjustments for sensors and mechanisms  that occasionally need to  be moved for product changeovers.


1.the filling range,can be used for filling of 1L-5L or 0.1L-1L products.

2.using the double speed filling technology,improving production efficiency,preventing the material spill out.

3.can vacuum sucking,ensure no leakage during filling production process of filling head.

4.the adjustment of filling volume is convenient,can be set directly on the touch screen.

5.driven by the cylinder piston

6.optional servo filling system.

automatic filling machine 

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine


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